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805 Kirkland Ave, STE 200, Kirkland WA

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A Practiced & Deliberate Vision

Ours is a disciplined approach to opportunistic real estate – with a focus on high value infill properties and marquee communities – properties that enjoy an enduring appeal. Our acquisition and development program, as well as construction services are focused exclusively in the Seattle, Bellevue and proximate markets. Even in challenging economic times, these communities are proven to provide price stability and absorption.

Our Approach.

Throughout every economic cycle there is the opportunity to acquire and develop extraordinary real estate – and create exceptional value. As such, we are attentive students of our markets, we do our homework. We consult with peers, engage architects, manufacturers and the trades – we are always watching and listening. Ours is a seasoned perspective informed by a local market-centric sensibility. Moreover, this is the market in which we live.

Factoria Townhome Exterior

The company's business model is driven by location and market research, not speculative risk. The firm has a successful track record of developing large green field tracts of suburban land, it is also well-regarded for identifying and developing smaller urban infill parcels into successful communities.


The inherent goal of every development is ROI.

Too often projects lose sight of where the ROI is and how best to achieve it – the marketplace is crowded with stalled and failed developments – the result of a lack of discipline and clarity about how to achieve ROI. Indeed, developers and investors face a myriad of distractions. It’s easy to let infrastructure, amenities and residences to get out of control. We ensure programs track to strategy and yet remain nimble to capture shifting marketing conditions.

About Us

Numbers Matter.

The Future Is Best Built on a Solid Foundation

Important prerequisites for the owners, neighbors and community include the developer’s financial stability, experience, sensitivity to unique location environments and ultimately, the quality and success of the finished project.

On these fronts, Cordillera’s experience, resources and financial acumen make the firm a compelling business ally. The experience of the management team along with its design, development and construction expertise has demonstrated success in navigating both robust, and harsh economic climates, along the way earning the respect of regional and national financial institutions. The result is confidence in an ever more complex development landscape.


A Wide-Lens Approach to Development

High-value returns are inherently associated with both complexity and risk. The firm shies from neither. Indeed, a rigorous, quantitative approach to due diligence and underwriting, to creative strategies that reduce risk along with a clear vision for how the investment will actualize — short or long term — characterizes the analytical approach the firm brings to each opportunity. This goes beyond seeing value where others do not; it goes to bringing capital, human talent, experience, and “what if” envisioning to a project.